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Apartments and rooms by the sea

Apartament w Krynicy Morskiej

trasy szlaki rowerowe krynica morskaEvery cycling lover dreams of ideal routes with beautiful sights along. The cycling routes and trails of Krynica Morska will ensure great experience as you pedal along the most beautiful seaside views and resorts. The trails of Krynica Morska are sometimes even 3 metres wide. They enable an easy passage and ensure active relaxation away from the crowded and noisy city centre.
We recommend a most picturesque trail, starting in Krynica Morska near the Border Guards Outpost and running past the town of Piaski to the State border. The route is 9.5 miles long (15.276 km). If you are planning a longer trip on your bike, you will enjoy the newly built sections of the route from Krynica Morska up to Gdańsk via the seaside towns of Przebrno, Skowronki, Kąty Rybackie, Stegna, Jantar, Mikoszewo and the Sobieszewo Island. This route is a section of Cycling Route R10, running along the Baltic Sea.

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