Minor repairs of your bike at Krynica Morska.
Cycling is a great way to commune with nature and spend your leisure time outdoors. It is also a fantastic way to reach and see new places of interest. It’s good to go on holiday on your bike or bring it with you so you can go on bike tours whenever you feel like it, especially if you are spending your vacation at the beautiful Polish seaside.
BIKER is your local bicycle repair service where we will help you in the event of minor technical mishaps or breakdown to your bicycle. If your bike requires an urgent service while you are visiting Krynica Morska and the region of the Vistula Lagoon on your two wheels, visit our BIKER Repair Service. Here, our professional staff will take care of any malfunctions. Our BIKER Repair&Maintenance Service at Krynica Morska will take care of adjusting and fine-tuning your gears, repairing and checking your brakes or pumping up your tires.
Optionally, we offer on-site services at your place or can arrange for your faulty bike to be brought for service to our place.

tel +48 661-903-208


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